AISCAP - Association of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals AISCAP - Association of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals
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Services Provided
» Developing and managing a comprehensive school counselling program.
» Discussing a comprehensive school Counseling program with the school administrators.
» Developing and maintaining a written plan for effective delivery of the school counseling services to all.
» Communicating the goals of the comprehensive school counseling program to all stakeholders (i.e., administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community/business leaders).
» Maintaining current and appropriate resources for all stakeholders.
» Providing direct services through the Guidance Curriculum, Individual Student Planning and Preventive and Responsive Services, program management, system support, and accountability to national standards.

Every year AISCAP holds its Annual National Summit and various Conferences in technical collaboration with Expressions India, which has received growing participation with each passing year. Renowned educationists from CBSE, NCERT, COBSE, IGNOU, Mental Health Professionals, Policy Makers Health Care providers from various Ministries participated in this pioneering event and provided valuable inputs towards streamlining school counseling services as an important component of educational reforms.



Some of the themes covered in these conferences were:

» National Conference on Psychosocial Wellbeing in Schools in collaboration with Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP).
» 1st National Summit On Child Safety, Protection & Mental Health in Schools.
» Global Summit on Enriching Skills for Health and Wellbeing in Education.
» Best Practices in School Guidance and Counseling Services: Emerging Roles, Responsibilities and Recommendations.
» Evolving Landscape of School Mental Health in India": Emerging Needs and Emerging Solutions.
» The Art & Science of New age Parenting & Innovative Practices in School Mental Health Promotion.
» Convergence of Special Education & School Counseling Services.