AISCAP - Association of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals AISCAP - Association of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals
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Aims and Objectives
» Collaborating with the formal National Board of Education to develop and create a National Model (A framework for school guidance and counseling programs) and connect school counseling with current educational reform movements that emphasize on the holistic development of all students.
» Its main objective is to help school counselors design and implement programs that meet the National Standards and establish school counseling as an integral part of the academic mission of their schools.
» AISCAP has been working strategically towards empowering counselors. Under the expertise of its committee members and senior experienced personnel in the field of Psychology and Special Education, it has grown into a full-fledged institution.
» AISCAP has conducted various orientation programs, seminars and workshops for Teacher Counselors, School Counselors and Allied Professionals and has contributed in directing the way school Counseling programs are carried forward in various schools across the India. With its fortnightly E-newsletter, it reaches out to its associated members updating them about the contemporary issues in school counseling and other related areas.